Monday, March 15, 2010

A New Year....A New Plan

Sometimes the zookeeper has to take a break.  Sometimes the zookeeper closes down due to the nature of the job.  Sometimes the zookeeper's timecard tears or her keys to the cages don't work.  In other words, don't ask about absences in the zookeeper's log and the zookeeper won't let the monkeys throw their poop at you when you visit.  'nuff said.

I'm back and I'm way behind in updating you all with the zoo's new year's resolutions on our infamous kitchen chalkboard.  Here is what appeared when I cleared the Christmas Wish List and relisted the board as a place to put resolutions. Pretty tame for this zoo but yet the levity still lives on.  Enjoy.

I Resolve To:

1.    Laugh more (I always try to start the board off on a positive note; it just goes downhill from there!)
2.    Weigh less than a hippo
3.    Be nicer (my youngest daughter tries to swing the board back to the positive but it doesn't last long)
4.    Get straight A's (I'm more than positive this was NOT written by my teenage daughter!)
5.    "Will find nice sensible boyfriend" *B.J.D. (A quote from my 23 year old in search of Mr. Right)
6.    Park 1 car in garage (later changed to "2" cars by my ever hopeful and totally disillusioned hubby)
7.    Get some $$ from ****-go-braless (name has been purposely omitted in order to spare embarrassment, but you know who you are and we love you anyway!)
8.    Find real parents (written by teenage daughter who keeps hoping she was adopted!)
9.    Kill zombies, then Francis. (don't ask. cuz i don't know. idiot monkeys no doubt wrote this!)
10.  Meet Colin Firth (oh how they all laughed at this zookeeper when I wrote that!) *Check. Done.
11.  Plan PDB's big 50th Birthday Bash (oh, yes, PDB...mid-life is here at last!)

So I'm back....and the animals who live here have all come out of winter hibernation.  Be afraid.  Be very afraid.