Monday, December 28, 2009

Tis The Season...Fa La La

As I promised, I changed the chalkboard in our kitchen to reflect on the season of merry and giving - by asking everyone to fill in their "wishes" for the holidays.   As you've seen in my previous posts, my family can get quite silly or even downright ridiculous.  Well, they did not disappoint....below is the list that materialized over the first couple of weeks in December.  You decide if I live in a crazy, mixed-up household!

"Wish List"
1.  World Peace (of course I tried to start this off right)
2.  New Roof (also a long standing wish of mine over this past year)
3.  Cat Tree
4.  Official Red Ryder carbine action, two-hundred shot, range model air rifle*
5.  A new furnace (my kids complain when I watch the movie "A Christmas Story" but I notice they quoted several things from the movie!)
6.  Tinker Toys (ah ha! another reference from "A Christmas Story")
6a.  82" T.V. (my husband obviously thinks we need another television to add to the six (yes, 6!!) we already own in this house.
7.  Football
8.  Snow (I had to insert this as it can be depressing celebrating the season in Southern California weather - no insult to the people in the midwest or east coast who really have to put up with snow storms)
9.  "I Wanna Hippopotomus for Christmas" (this was added by my youngest who is fond of this song I had NEVER heard of till she turned me on to it this really is quite a cute song and is now permanently stuck in my head - thank you very much!)
10.  Spleens (written by my son who is the silliest of us all and obviously does not know we, as humans, only have one spleen!)
11.  New Xmas lights 4 dad (written, i believe, by my 23 year old daughter who does not appreciate her father's ancient antique C-9 Christmas lights used for decorating the outside of our house!)
12.  For my kids to eat their vegetables (written by me but within 24 hours was quickly crossed out...i've asked and asked who crossed it out but none of the brats will fess up!  It could actually be any one of the 4 youngest as none of them eat any vegetables!)
13.  Suzie Q fixed (this request again by my 23 year old daughter - thinking, incorrectly, that spaying or neutering animals makes them quieter or easier to live with)

* "You'll shoot your eye out!"

So ends this update regarding the health and well being of the animals who live at the zoo I call home.  Are they sane?  Are they silly?  Are they just plain ridiculous?  You be the judge.  I'm going back to bed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkeys....The Sequel

Okay...I seriously have given birth to some silly silly children.  Before I erase the chalkboard that, for the month of november, turned into one crazy list of items for which my children were thankful for - I thought I would list the few remaining items that somehow appeared on the board since last I wrote here.

13.  pigs
14.  a smart brother (which the word "brother" was then crossed off and someone wrote above it the word "cat")
15.  oreos
16.  Pablo (do not ask me what the heck this was here for....i believe it was inserted by my daughter who was taking spanish this semester...but that's just a guess folks!)
17.  cinnamon rolls (definitely posted by my oldest!)
18.   Raider Nation (NOT posted by anyone in my family!...must have been my son-in-law)
19.   clean socks
20.   stupid stuff

So hopefully, you all will feel sorry for me and what I have to put up with here at this crazy zoo I call "home".

In the meantime, check back here soon because my son has requested that I erase our "Thankful" list and replace it with a "Wish" list for Christmas season...Oh I just can't wait for the wisdom that will spill forth from their little pea brains now.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

There are silly turkeys living at my house.

I thought I would do something seasonal on the chalkboard hanging on the brick wall in my kitchen.  Since I purchased this chalkboard about a year ago, it has announced many happenings (the birth of our first grandchild), relayed notes to my children, even conveyed a bit of silliness from time to time.   But this time I thought I would delve into the workings of my 3 teenagers' minds and maybe they would enlighten me as to what they might be thankful for this thanksgiving season.  If I could not get them to talk to me (as most teenagers believe their parents are idiots), I figured I would trick them into revealing what might be really really important to them.  This way I could tuck them into bed at night knowing (insert "hoping" or "wishing" here) that they were really good kids looking out for others and loving our family unconditionally.   Yeah.  What was I thinking?  I guess I really AM an idiot.  The picture above shows the insane workings in the minds of the lunatics I call my three youngest offspring.  To give them their due, my son said he did include some things my husband might be thankful for!

There are silly turkeys living at my house.

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama's got the brain pain

This is really a "p.s." to yesterday's post....I thought I might mention a couple of other weird or crazy things about myself.

First, I have major o.c.d. AND short term memory.  Not only do I check that the front door is locked (and that I've put my keys in my purse) a zillion times - but five seconds after doing that, I've forgotten all about it and I check another zillion times...and don't get me started on how I have to tweek the picture frames in our house if someone has even dared to move them!

Second, I see dead people...or ghosts...whatever you want to call them.  Now don't go running to delete my blog from your favorites list just yet.  Let me explain that I did NOT believe in such matters when I was younger.  Then one night I was lying in bed (awake still!) and I actually saw a white figure pass right through my bedroom door, float across the room at the foot of the bed and proceed to pass right through the wall to outside!  I thought my husband (ex first husband) was asleep but then I heard him say "did you just see that?"  Swear to god, it really happened.

I forgot about it for awhile until things started happening when I got remarried in my 30's.  I have actually seen a young girl on many many occasions. I have heard her talking to my cat when I thought no one was home but myself.  It would make me go in search of my youngest daughter thinking she had come home from school early...but no one would be there.  I thought I was crazy until my children also started seeing things move in our house.  We have witnessed plants moving on their own; a bag of coffee move across the kitchen counter; magnets fly off the refrigerator across the room in mid air and hit me in the back!  I even saw what I describe as a shadow person walk across my living room - yes people, i was awake and standing!

I don't want to see ANY of this.  Believe me when I say it is very scary and I would rather not have to ever see this again.  So spooks and spirits - ghosts and goblins, please go somewhere else...leave....go into the light...whatever it takes.

I can not help you.  I am not Jennifer Love Hewitt (although I wish to god I looked like her!)

Friday, November 13, 2009

Welcome to the asylum that is my life.

Most people would want to write about their history in a new blog...or what prompted them to start writing a blog in the first place.   Well, I am just like the rest of you in that I just want to rant, rave, vent, share, and talk to someone other than myself while the hubby is at work and the children still living at home are at school.  This will be an added benefit to this zookeeper's husband as he won't have to listen to crap when he comes home.  I will have gotten my issues down on paper (keypad) and hopefully expelled any remaining demons by dinnertime.  Plus, the animals are just not listening to me anymore!

So, instead, I've decided to play the game everyone else plays in the blogging world and tell you some weird, wacky, or otherwise unknown facts about myself that few might not know about me...however boring they might seem to you, please don't stop reading my blog because you find out i'm abnormally "normal".

uno:   when I was very young, I stole a package of grape bubblegum balls from a store while I was with my mom.  When we got home and she saw me pull them out of my coat pocket, she made me go back to the store and return them and tell the shopkeeper I was sorry.  As mortifying as that might seem, I can still remember the taste of one of the gumballs that I popped in my mouth right before handing the package back!

2:   I used to be a pretty good swimmer when I was on the team in high school.  I even made it to state finals and the best I placed was third but that was good enough for me.  I was so skinny then that my teammates used to call me "Q-tip" when I would put my white bathing cap on.  If you tell this story to my youngest children, they will laugh and not believe that I could actually be called "skinny".  I try to remind them that they are the reason I am not skinny anymore but they are too busy wiping the tears from their eyes.   Brats, every one of them!

c:   When I was younger (in my 20's), I always happened to be in the right place at the right time for meeting famous people.   Senators, actors, famous musicians - you name them and I would meet them.  It helped that I worked as a bartender for a few years (and that I was still in my "skinny" days).  It is a joke around my household and family about how many famous people I used to date.  To put it in perspective, my son once said to me "mom, why don't you just let us know who you DIDN'T date.  That would be easier!"  Refer to post #2 here.  Brats, every last one of them!

and last but not at all least:  I was tested for my I.Q. in third grade and was placed in a mentally gifted minor program due to my test score of 141!...Now that may sound like bragging to you but really it is just me on an investigative quest to find out where that went.  So if any of you have been walking the streets lately and have come across my missing brain cells just lying around in the gutter, please forward them to me via any means possible...(oh, and be on the lookout for my 24" waist.  I've misplaced that as well.)

"I've lost my marbles and I don't know where I left them"