Monday, December 28, 2009

Tis The Season...Fa La La

As I promised, I changed the chalkboard in our kitchen to reflect on the season of merry and giving - by asking everyone to fill in their "wishes" for the holidays.   As you've seen in my previous posts, my family can get quite silly or even downright ridiculous.  Well, they did not disappoint....below is the list that materialized over the first couple of weeks in December.  You decide if I live in a crazy, mixed-up household!

"Wish List"
1.  World Peace (of course I tried to start this off right)
2.  New Roof (also a long standing wish of mine over this past year)
3.  Cat Tree
4.  Official Red Ryder carbine action, two-hundred shot, range model air rifle*
5.  A new furnace (my kids complain when I watch the movie "A Christmas Story" but I notice they quoted several things from the movie!)
6.  Tinker Toys (ah ha! another reference from "A Christmas Story")
6a.  82" T.V. (my husband obviously thinks we need another television to add to the six (yes, 6!!) we already own in this house.
7.  Football
8.  Snow (I had to insert this as it can be depressing celebrating the season in Southern California weather - no insult to the people in the midwest or east coast who really have to put up with snow storms)
9.  "I Wanna Hippopotomus for Christmas" (this was added by my youngest who is fond of this song I had NEVER heard of till she turned me on to it this really is quite a cute song and is now permanently stuck in my head - thank you very much!)
10.  Spleens (written by my son who is the silliest of us all and obviously does not know we, as humans, only have one spleen!)
11.  New Xmas lights 4 dad (written, i believe, by my 23 year old daughter who does not appreciate her father's ancient antique C-9 Christmas lights used for decorating the outside of our house!)
12.  For my kids to eat their vegetables (written by me but within 24 hours was quickly crossed out...i've asked and asked who crossed it out but none of the brats will fess up!  It could actually be any one of the 4 youngest as none of them eat any vegetables!)
13.  Suzie Q fixed (this request again by my 23 year old daughter - thinking, incorrectly, that spaying or neutering animals makes them quieter or easier to live with)

* "You'll shoot your eye out!"

So ends this update regarding the health and well being of the animals who live at the zoo I call home.  Are they sane?  Are they silly?  Are they just plain ridiculous?  You be the judge.  I'm going back to bed.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkeys....The Sequel

Okay...I seriously have given birth to some silly silly children.  Before I erase the chalkboard that, for the month of november, turned into one crazy list of items for which my children were thankful for - I thought I would list the few remaining items that somehow appeared on the board since last I wrote here.

13.  pigs
14.  a smart brother (which the word "brother" was then crossed off and someone wrote above it the word "cat")
15.  oreos
16.  Pablo (do not ask me what the heck this was here for....i believe it was inserted by my daughter who was taking spanish this semester...but that's just a guess folks!)
17.  cinnamon rolls (definitely posted by my oldest!)
18.   Raider Nation (NOT posted by anyone in my family!...must have been my son-in-law)
19.   clean socks
20.   stupid stuff

So hopefully, you all will feel sorry for me and what I have to put up with here at this crazy zoo I call "home".

In the meantime, check back here soon because my son has requested that I erase our "Thankful" list and replace it with a "Wish" list for Christmas season...Oh I just can't wait for the wisdom that will spill forth from their little pea brains now.