Tuesday, February 5, 2013

An "Un-Valentine's Day" Musing

When people say "opposites attract", they aren't kidding.

You laugh at 1980's frat boy movies and stupid horror flicks.
My favorite afternoon would be cozying up to a Cary Grant movie or historical romance.

Your perfect meal involves a 72 oz. steak and a ride in an ambulance to the hospital after consuming that and three pounds of chili cheese fries and a chocolate shake.
I would give anything to eat lobster and champagne every day.

Dressing up for you involves a clean hawaiian shirt and jeans.
For me, a little black dress and hose and kitten heels...and a velvet or rhinestone clutch.

Give me an Italian aria, or some smooth blues, any day.
But your heavy-screaming-metal pierces my eardrums.

You covet, collect, and catalog books;  while i'm reading three or four at the same time just to get wrapped up in the wonderful stories.

You like 12 months of sun.
I'm only happy in the rain.

Your favorite vacation involves a tent or a camper and driving 8 miles out of the way to visit the biggest ball of string.
My dream is Paris....in the spring.  Or Ireland...on the misty moors.   Or Tuscany...during the grape harvest season.

And not unlike the magnetic attraction that brought us together....
If you push me just a teeny bit more, I might flip.

....and the positive becomes a negative.