Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Fallin' for Colin

It has been a really really long 25 years coming.  I saw Colin Firth in a movie while I lived in Germany in the 80's.  Fell for him then...fell for him hard.  When I came back to the states, no one knew this young british kid I was referring to.  I ranted about his sex appeal to everyone and anyone who would listen to me.  Family laughed.  Friends laughed.  Fast forward ten or fifteen years later and suddenly, post-pride & prejudice and post-bridget jones's diary, everyone wanted a piece of this actor.  Girls came out of the woodwork to find the guy in the wet, white t-shirt.  No one was watching all the other dozens of really good parts he played.  They all wanted to meet Mr. Darcy. When all I wanted was to meet Mr. Firth.  Share a pint and a laugh with Colin the man...not the actor.

Fast forward to Santa Barbara Film Festival over Valentine's weekend.  Colin was there...I was there....and somehow the planets aligned in such a way as to bring us together for a brief moment in time.

And so I fell again. I fell hard.