Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mama's got the brain pain

This is really a "p.s." to yesterday's post....I thought I might mention a couple of other weird or crazy things about myself.

First, I have major o.c.d. AND short term memory.  Not only do I check that the front door is locked (and that I've put my keys in my purse) a zillion times - but five seconds after doing that, I've forgotten all about it and I check another zillion times...and don't get me started on how I have to tweek the picture frames in our house if someone has even dared to move them!

Second, I see dead people...or ghosts...whatever you want to call them.  Now don't go running to delete my blog from your favorites list just yet.  Let me explain that I did NOT believe in such matters when I was younger.  Then one night I was lying in bed (awake still!) and I actually saw a white figure pass right through my bedroom door, float across the room at the foot of the bed and proceed to pass right through the wall to outside!  I thought my husband (ex first husband) was asleep but then I heard him say "did you just see that?"  Swear to god, it really happened.

I forgot about it for awhile until things started happening when I got remarried in my 30's.  I have actually seen a young girl on many many occasions. I have heard her talking to my cat when I thought no one was home but myself.  It would make me go in search of my youngest daughter thinking she had come home from school early...but no one would be there.  I thought I was crazy until my children also started seeing things move in our house.  We have witnessed plants moving on their own; a bag of coffee move across the kitchen counter; magnets fly off the refrigerator across the room in mid air and hit me in the back!  I even saw what I describe as a shadow person walk across my living room - yes people, i was awake and standing!

I don't want to see ANY of this.  Believe me when I say it is very scary and I would rather not have to ever see this again.  So spooks and spirits - ghosts and goblins, please go somewhere else...leave....go into the light...whatever it takes.

I can not help you.  I am not Jennifer Love Hewitt (although I wish to god I looked like her!)


  1. Okay, now THAT is spooky!!!! But I get it.

    Dogs talk to me...but that's all I'm going to say about THAT!!!

    Love and Kisses

  2. Hi Mimi, How great you now have a blog! I'll be adding you to my favs on my site.

    I think it's fascinating to be able to see ghosts and stuff. I always say "Don't be afraid of the dead - but beware the living!" I'll be back for more. Great stuff Mimi, keep it up!...LOve Pam in Ireland.