Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Turkeys....The Sequel

Okay...I seriously have given birth to some silly silly children.  Before I erase the chalkboard that, for the month of november, turned into one crazy list of items for which my children were thankful for - I thought I would list the few remaining items that somehow appeared on the board since last I wrote here.

13.  pigs
14.  a smart brother (which the word "brother" was then crossed off and someone wrote above it the word "cat")
15.  oreos
16.  Pablo (do not ask me what the heck this was here for....i believe it was inserted by my daughter who was taking spanish this semester...but that's just a guess folks!)
17.  cinnamon rolls (definitely posted by my oldest!)
18.   Raider Nation (NOT posted by anyone in my family!...must have been my son-in-law)
19.   clean socks
20.   stupid stuff

So hopefully, you all will feel sorry for me and what I have to put up with here at this crazy zoo I call "home".

In the meantime, check back here soon because my son has requested that I erase our "Thankful" list and replace it with a "Wish" list for Christmas season...Oh I just can't wait for the wisdom that will spill forth from their little pea brains now.

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